My EG are back for Good!

Hello and Welcome fellow gamers to our new EG blog, that’s right we are back and this time for good. It’s been a while since I have spoken to you guys so I will keep it short so I don’t bore you too much. We have been down for some time I believe almost a two years but we are now going to be using this site as a blog site, this will include posting about game events, tournaments and clan wars and much much more. We would like to get back to how many visitors we used to have being around 100 unique a day as we had quite a friendly community going which I am sure won’t be long until we rebuild it and continue where we left off.


Stay tuned

Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks, in around a week or two I will be posting our fist official post regarding a gaming event that will be happening in Canada. At the moment we will only be posting touraments and events that are in Canada and are looking to extend our support to United States and United Kingdom as we believe it would be nice to have a international gaming community rather than just Canadian.


That’s it for now

Well that’s it for now guys, remember to check back in a week or two for our first official post, add us to your favourites so you don’t forget, it may take some time to get to where we was but we are all up for it and wont stop until we are.


Evil Geniuses Team